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Kingfishers Welcome Term 3 and 2019

Dear Parents,

We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Thanks to all those of you who sent cards and gifts, they were very much appreciated.

The Kingfishers have come back in fine form and are excited about our new topic which  Mountains and Volcanoes. We will asking: Where are the mountain ranges around the world? How are they are formed? What life is like in these extreme environments? What does it take to climb a mountain like Everest?

We will also be studying rocks and their characteristics and uses in Science with a visit to our local marble and granite suppliers to see how they are used.

In Maths, we will be studying time so please, if possible, ask your child to wear their watch to school or make sure a clock (analogue not digital) is visible at home. Learning to tell the time can be especially tricky, even for children who usually find maths easy, so when you ask your child to tell the time at home, you may need to remind them about the hour and minute hand first or even  make labels showing: o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to etc. These visual clues will really help your children to approach telling the time with more confidence.

In English, we are using a text called ‘ The Pebble in My Pocket’ which follows the history a tiny pebble which started life 480 000 000. This book is full of wonderful descriptive language, as well as many science/geography specific words. We are having a whole school focus on learning and retaining new vocabulary so please ask you child to tell you some of the new words they have learnt each day and give them the opportunity to explain the meaning to you.

A new maths homework format will be put in place later in the term. Letters will be sent out to you when the school has had a formal launch. Reading and times tables homework remain unchanged.

As usual, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries.

Best wishes,

S. Field and C. Jenkins